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Winding is the process of reeling yarn into skeins from bobbins or cones.
The skein (or hank) is one of the forms in which yarn is put up for sale and is the most common form used for subsequent dyeing or hand painting of the yarn.

The skein is made by creating a continuous coil of yarn that has been wound around a revolving frame of a known circumference, resulting in a skein of known length.
The skein is tied at two or more points in its circumference so that when removed from the frame it can be handled without causing the individual strands to tangle.


The Ramella line also includes a skein winder with many user-adjustable features.
After setting the desired skein length, the winder will automatically wind the set amount of yarn, slowing to a stop at the end and automatically releasing the tension to allow the yarn hanks to be easily removed from the frame.

The user can set the machine to simultaneously wind up to 9 skeins at one time.
In addition, the mobile thread guide can be varied to alter the thickness of the hanks being produced depending on the yarn weight, and a spring tensioner provides the correct winding tension.


The main part of the skein winder is the hexagonal rotating frame, which has a circumference of 1.8m (70"), and is made completely of stainless steel.
The stainless steel construction allows the yarn hanks to slide easily across the bars and minimizes color transfer from dyed yarns.

The opening and closing of the hexagon is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder and does not require any manual intervention.
There are also spring-loaded connectors that allow the yarn to be quickly and easily secured the frame.


To evenly distribute the yarn on the rotating structure the skein winder is equipped with a mobile thread guide.
Both the width and the speed of movement of this thread guide can be easily modified with the turn of a dial.
The machine comes ready to simultaneously wind six skeins at one time but can be easily changed to accommodate up to nine. Markers indicating where to attach the thread-guide supports allow the user to correctly space the inlet guides without the need for measuring.


The rotating frame is enclosed by a transparent cover with a double opening, and both of the doors are locked by a safety switch. This protection follows current safety standards.
Two air springs facilitate lifting the top cover, reducing the force required for movement.

As with other Ramella machinery, the protective structure is made of aluminum with large transparent windows in order to allow full view of the operation while maintaining maximum protection.

BOBBIN RACK Skein winder creel

On the rear side of the skein winder there is a structure to hold the bobbin tubes or cones, which contain the yarn to be wound.
This rack is movable in height and is equipped with adjustable spring holders that allow the insertion of tubes or cones of any size.
Above the bobbin rack, circular guides with spring tensioners prevent the yarns from tangling during winding and provide the correct tension for the skein.

ELECTRONIC CONTROL Electronic control

The length of yarn wound is controlled through an electronic sensor that automatically slows down the speed of the winder near the end of the process.

All of the electronic parameter adjustments are controlled by using the intuitive display on the front panel of the machine.
If desired, the speed of rotation can also be changed using the potentiometers on the rear electric panel.
The skein winder can measure the yarn in either meters or yards.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Product specifications

Electric specifications:

Power consumption: 1.0 kW
Single phase 230V 50/60Hz (customizable)

Size (length x width x height):

3060 mm x 1580 mm x 2060 mm (120'' x 62'' x 81'')

Download layout - Skein winder (pdf version)

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