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The principal objective of winding is to produce a compact assembly of yarn in a form suitable for use in subsequent operations.

Yarn wound on cones allows the storage of a large amount of material in a small space and is useful when large quantities of the same yarn lot are required, such as for weaving or for machine knitting.
The central cone onto which the yarn is wound may be made of cardboard (inexpensive and suitable for sales) or of perforated plastic (more expensive but ideal for dyeing or steaming).

CONE WINDER Cone winder machine

Collaborating with Italian suppliers, Ramella is able to provide a compact cone winder.
Depending on the required productivity we can offer machines with 1, 2, 4, 8 or more heads.
Our cone winders can be of two types:

Fitted with a mobile thread guide, slower and ideal for thicker yarns.

Fitted with a grooved roller, very fast and suitable for fine, thin yarns.

ELECTRONIC CONTROL Electronic control

The electric motors of the cone winder are controlled by an inverter, which allows instant speed adjustment with the simple twist of a dial.
A randomizer device creates a perfect distribution of the yarn on the cone.

In addition, each head can be activated or deactivated independently, and an adjustable magnetic sensor will stop the winding head when the cone reaches the desired yardage.


Two adjustable yarn tensioners allow the user to select the correct tension depending on the yarn type.
There is also a yarn clearer that breaks the yarn in the sections where there are major irregularities.

After the diameter control, the yarn passes through a waxing device mounted on a small electric motor that ensures an even distribution of the wax on the yarn.

OTHER FEATURES Other features

In addition to the features listed above the cone winders supplied by us are equipped with:

A dynamically balanced grooved roller.
Independent, low-power electric motors that can be used safely.
An adjustable counterweight to control the compactness of the yarn on the cone.
A top bracket with quick release adaptable to different forms of cones or cylinders.
A lower spring support suitable for all types of tubes or bobbins.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Product specifications

Electric specifications:

Power consumption: 0.4 kW
Single phase 230V 50/60Hz

Size (length x width x height):

1350 mm x 530 mm x 1210 mm (53'' x 21'' x 48'')

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