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Scouring is the process of washing wool or other fibers in hot water and detergent to remove soil, vegetable impurities, grease, suint and other contaminants.
For wool to be a useful textile fiber it is essential that all of these extraneous materials be removed, and scouring plays an essential part in this.

Freedom from entanglement is to be considered the most important objective as long as dirt and grease removal is achieved.
Entanglement or felting results in fiber breakage during opening, carding and gilling.

SCOURING SYSTEM Scouring system

Ramella can offer a flexible and affordable solution to wash and dry your fibers.

A water softener system makes your water perfect for washing.
A customized industrial washing machine uses the right speed and cycles to avoid felting.
A heat exchanger lowers energy costs by reusing the heat from the waste water of the previous cycle.
A drying cabinet expedites the drying of fibers without damaging the fiber structure.


Raw fiber is very different from yarn or fabric. For this reason using a normal washing machine, even with the most gentle program, causes felting.
To avoid this problem we customized an industrial washing machine with the right speed and cycles.

The machine is equipped with many different programs to wash different fibers.
These programs include the necessary cycles (soak, wash, rinse and spin) and all the characteristics (water level, temperature, detergent, speed, timing) are fully automated.
The washing machine also has the necessary solid structure to last and avoid clogging.

HEAT EXCHANGER Heat exchanger

The scouring system is equipped with a heat exchanger to lower energy costs by reusing the heat from the waste water of the previous cycle.

This device is built entirely in stainless steel and is thermally protected by lateral insulating panels.
An easily removable upper cover lets you quickly inspect and clean the area where the waste water is stored.
A thin metal wall allows the heat transfer from the hot waste water to the cold clean water.

DRYING CABINET Drying cabinet

We supply a cabinet that gently expedites the drying of the fibers with ventilation of warm air.

The cabinet is protected against corrosion with a double method: zinc-coated steel sheets and an external protective painting.
The water vapor is discharged outside of the cabinet to avoid condensed water.
The electronic controller is intuitive and easy to use. You can set duration and temperature and check the internal humidity.

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