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Carding machine CARDING

The carding machine is the heart of the spinning mill.
After the scoured fiber has been opened with the picker, the carder disentangles the unorganized tufts and aligns the individual fibers into a parallel arrangement.

The carder achieves this by passing the fibers between differentially moving cylinders covered with card clothing.
As the fiber moves through the machine, the carding process ejects short fibers and begins blending different fiber types or colors.


The Ramella carder has a long conveyer for feeding the fiber into the inlet, after which the fiber is carded by the large main drum and 5 worker rollers.
At the exit the doffer roller and high-speed fly comb create a fiber web, which can be rolled to produce a batt or pulled through a twister to produce sliver.

The carder is mounted on a solid steel support structure and is completely enclosed by an external safety cage.


For maximum flexibility the user can produce either sliver or batts from the carded fiber.
In the first case, it is possible to obtain a continuous ribbon (sliver) that can be further processed by drafting and spinning in order to make yarn.
In the second case, the web can be rolled onto a cylinder to create a batt of desired thickness.
With the Ramella carder, several output choices are available.

Machine mounted twister and batt roller. This is the most economical choice for those who will produce either sliver or batts without switching often between the two.

Trolley mounted twister and batt roller. The wheeled trolley cart allows easy switching between the sliver twister and the batt roller without the need to reconfigure the machine or lift the heavy roller. This choice is ideal for those who will regularly produce both sliver and batts.

Extra large batt roller, available in trolley mount only.

SLIVER STRENGTHENER Fiber strengthener

We have designed a unique real-twist system that strengthens the output sliver and prevents sliver breakage, especially when carding low cohesion fibers such as alpaca or short-staple fibers such as yak.

This system consists of a rotating funnel with varied speed control, allowing the user to precisely define the amount of twist added to the sliver, which then enters a set of rollers that assist in delivering the sliver to the coiler can.
Three different funnel sizes come standard with the machine, allowing maximum control of the sliver thickness.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 80 cm - 100 cm (32" - 40") Carder sizes

We produce carding machines with 2 different working widths:

80 cm (32") suitable for small production facilities and laboratories
100 cm (40") the standard ideal for typical small mills with medium production

The productivity of the carder depends on the type of fiber worked and the temperature and humidity conditions in the mill, but, for example, sheep wool run through the 100cm (40") carder can generally be processed at a rate of about 10 kg (20 lb) per hour.


The Ramella carder easily handles typical fiber staple lengths from 4 cm (1.5") to 15 cm (6"), with some mills also processing 20-25 cm (8-10") suri fiber.
With standard card clothing, fine fibers with a thickness as little as 2 to 3 microns can be carded.
If required, we can also furnish a carder with a finer wire designed specifically for processing extra-fine fibers, as low as 0.7 micron.

Small production mills use our carding machine to process fibers like sheep wool, alpaca (both huacaya and suri), angora, cotton, yak, and bamboo.
Industrial laboratories test synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyethylene, nylon, aramid, and bicomponents.


The carding machine is driven by 4 independent motors that are electronically controlled by inverters.
However, the exit speed is electronically coupled to the inlet speed, allowing the user to increase or decrease the carding productivity during a run without changing the weight of the sliver.

The electronic controllers are contained in a panel with filtered ventilation to protect the sensitive electronic parts.
Control knobs on the exterior of the panel allow the user to easily change the motor speeds, which are indicated on large displays.
Button panels located on both sides of the carder allow simple starting and stopping of the machine at both the entry and the exit.


For maximum safety, our carder is fully enclosed by an external frame made of anodized aluminum, which is lightweight, yet sturdy, and resists corrosion.

Within the frame, 5 protective panels, available in either heavy-gauge, galvanized steel mesh or transparent polycarbonate, can be easily removed with the appropriate key to allow machine maintenance.
Both panel types protect the worker while allowing a wide view and the complete control of the carder during the process.


The carding machine is equipped with a high-speed fly comb that removes the fibers from the doffer roller.
The structure of the fly comb is balanced so as to reduce vibrations and minimize wear of the bearings.

The lever control allows easy adjustment and quick maintenance of the blade.
The fly comb is mounted on oscillating bearings with seals that can be easily lubricated, with 4 screws to allow accurate positioning with respect to the distance from the doffer cylinder.
The fly comb blade connectors are covered with a smooth tin plate that eliminates rough surfaces where fiber could catch, ensuring the formation of an even fiber web at the exit.

Carding machine from side THE RAMELLA DIFFERENCE

An extremely solid and stable structure, made to last.

The components are machined for maximum precision and quality.

The cylinders are driven independently by 4 motors with electronic speed control.

The rigid card clothing is durable and allows quick cleaning after each carding run.

All cylinders are mounted on sealed ball bearings without bushings.

A modern design specifically created to meet the needs of small production mills and laboratories.


In carding machines two factors are critical, the solidity of the structure and the precision of the mechanical parts.
The Ramella carder is characterized by a 4 cm (1.6") thick, fully machined steel frame connected by solid steel crossbeams. This structure is approximately 10 times stronger than one formed from welded tubes.

Furthermore, all of the rotating parts are precisely machined and are equipped with micro adjustment, which permits exact roller positioning at micron distances, but more importantly, once the positioning is set, it does not move, resulting in both a consistent, high quality product and longer machine life.
Built to last, all surfaces are painted or chemically treated to resist corrosion.


Every single detail of the Ramella carding machine has been designed using modern 3D CAD.
All of the components have been designed to obtain a high-performance machine with an excellent quality/price ratio.
Even the electric panel has been designed in order to make the use of the carder simple and intuitive.

We use CNC lathes, milling machines and modern laser cutters in the production of the carder components that we make in-house.
The steel used is of premium quality and all of the commercial components come from suppliers with well-known brands.

ADDITIONAL CHARACTERISTICS Additional characteristics

In addition to the features mentioned above many other details give value to our carding machine:

The use of sealed bearings instead of bushings ensures a long machine life and continued quality output for many decades.
The supports of the worker and stripper rollers have an upper cover that can be easily removed for quicker maintenance.
The use of rigid card clothing allows the machine to quickly self-clean after each run.
A solid input unit with 3 rollers plus a licker-in roller enhances fiber tuft opening, resulting in effective carding with just one pass.
Spare parts are readily available on the market.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Product specifications

Electric specifications:

Power consumption: 4.0 kW + 0.4 kW (Can coiler) + 0.2 kW (Optional trolley)
Single phase 230V 50/60Hz (customizable)


Download layout - Carder version 800 mm - 32'' (pdf version)

Download layout - Carder version 1000 mm - 40'' (pdf version)


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