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We can supply spare parts and accessories for our machinery or equipment from other vendors.

Accessories for the textile industry.
Spare parts.
Consumer products.
Rollers manufacturing and wire mounting.
Production and rubberizing of rollers.
Rubber aprons, spiked lattices.

FIBERS TESTING Fiber testing

The best method to evaluate the quality of our equipments is test them directly on your fibers.
We can offer tests on fibers in order to show you the final result after carding.

We are also pleased to invite you at our mill to show you directly our machines so that you can observe directly all the features.


Ramella designs and manufactures its machines and is able to make changes to follow the needs of each customer.
In addition to the construction of machinery for special environments (e.g. pharmaceuticals) we can also produce entirely new projects.
Our engineers are able to design both the mechanical part, both the electrical and electronics controllers.
Each project is characterized by attention to details and the manufacturing is made by an high industrial standard.

SUPPORT Our services

We can share with you our experience in textile field for both the construction of new plants, both for the improvement of existing machinery.

We also can help you in solving your problems with site visits or online support.
We always try to suggest a solution in the shortest possible time so that the customer is never left alone.

TRANSPORT, INSTALLATION AND TRAINING Transport, installation and training

In addition to producing and selling textile machinery our company also deals with other aspects that are required such as transport, installation and training.

All the machines are packed and shipped in special wooden crates with steam barrier that protects surfaces from corrosion.
Before delivering the most sensitive areas are prepared and protected with the necessary chemicals.

Once the machine was delivered we can also send a technician who will deal with installation, first startup and training needed to work properly.
All our machines are designed to allow an easy and immediate use even by people who come for the first time to the textile field.

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