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Ball winder BALL WINDING

Winding packages the yarn into a useful, compact form, generally for subsequent retail sale.

Balls of yarn are also some of the most recognizable types of yarn packaging.
Balls are easy to work with and the ends can be pulled from the center or the outside. The spherical shape helps avoid tangles as you're working.
On the market you can find different types of balls: regular balls, donuts, cakes, inner-core balls.


By partnering with a leading Italian manufacturer, Ramella can offer a ball winder perfectly sized for small commercial mills and test laboratories.
Depending on the required productivity we can offer machines with 2, 4, 10 or more heads.
The machine is characterized by a fully automated cycle:

Automatic opening and closing of the mandrels.
Beam movement.
Automatic cutting and clamping of the yarn.

MULTIPLE PATTERNS Multiple patterns

The ball winder can produce balls with different sizes and shapes.
A programmable control panel allows you to set all the parameters to create the ball pattern that you prefer:

Classic ball (from 2 to 20 points)
Ball with inner-core


To make a precise ball pattern the main beam of the winder is rotated to the right position by an electro-pneumatic cylinder.
At the beginning of the cycle, the mandrels automatically expand to create a ball with a spherical shape. When the process ends the mandrels collapse for easy ball removal.
This system creates a solid internal structure and a fluffy precise pattern on the external surface.

The mandrels expansion can be precisely adjusted and on the same machine you can mount different types of mandrels:

Spring expandable (from 85 mm to 200 mm)
Rigid collapsible (from 50x67 mm to 130x90 mm)
Cross expandable


All of the parameters are controlled by using the touch-screen display on the front panel of the machine.

The winding speed can be set from 50 to 1100 rpm.
The pattern can be changed up to 3 times during the cycle to create a solid core and a fluffy external surface.
The system manages the opening and closing of the mandrels and the beam movements.
The cutting and clamping of the yarn at the end of the cycle are done automatically.
The release of the yarn tail at the beginning of the cycle is automatically delayed.

OTHER FEATURES Other features

In addition to the features listed above the ball winders supplied by us are equipped with:

Creel with yarn tightener.
Cone holder reel suitable for all type of cones.
Balanced rotating pipe with ceramic ends.
Cutting device with a hardened steel blade.
Safety photocell.
Simultaneous calibration of the diameter of the mandrels.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Product specifications

Electric specifications:

Power consumption: 0.9 kW
Single phase 230V 50/60Hz

Size (length x width x height):

Ball winder (2 heads): 1270 mm x 1220 mm x 1860 mm (50'' x 48'' x 73'')
Ball winder (4 heads): 1750 mm x 1220 mm x 1860 mm (69'' x 48'' x 73'')

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