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To transport and handle the sliver in the best way you need to store it properly without the fibers being damaged and without the sliver regularity is compromised.

To do this process the textile industry uses a machinery called can coiler.
This machine carries the sliver and deposits it inside of cylindrical cans in a regular way.
In order to preserve the quality of the sliver this operation must be done at the end of each step and then after the carder, after the pin drafter and after the comber.

COMPACT CAN COILER Compact can coiler

The can coiler winds the sliver into a compact, continuous coil, which facilitates transport of the fiber from one machine to the next and allows uninterrupted feeding of the sliver into the drafter or spinner.

The Ramella can coiler is characterized by a very thin rotary head designed to work well with low cohesion fibers such as alpaca or mohair.
It has a simple yet solid structure, and the electronic speed controller and interchangeable gearbox allow the coiler to couple directly to a carder or drafter in order to synchronize the coiler speed with the rate of sliver production.

THIN ROTARY HEAD Rotary machine

In other can coilers the fiber must travel though a 25 cm (10") channel in which fiber may accumulate, forcing stoppage of the process in order to clear out the obstructed exit.

In contrast, the Ramella can coiler has a short exit channel of only 5 cm (2"), which directly feeds onto the plate of the coiler can and reduces the risk of exit blockage, thereby reducing processing interruptions and increasing processing efficiency.


For maximum flexibility and simplicity, the Ramella coiler is equipped with an electronically controlled, variable speed motor with an interchangeable gearbox that allows coupling to existing machines.
Using the inverter, the speed of the entire carding or drafting system, including the coiler, can be perfectly synchronized.

In addition, a built-in meter counter with both an audible and a visual alarm alerts the user when the desired amount of fiber has been coiled.


The Ramella coiler is also equipped with an additional set of rollers that reduce frictional drag on the sliver, therefore reducing sliver breakage, especially with low-cohesion fibers such as alpaca.
A variable pulley system and 3 incrementally-sized funnels allow the coiler to be used with a wide variety of fiber types and sliver diameters.

OTHER FEATURES Additional specs

The coiler base is designed to allow transport using a standard pallet jack, and the quick-release electrical connector facilitates easy and rapid movement of the coiler.
This is especially useful with the carding unit as the coiler is able to be quickly disconnected and moved in order to allow batt production.

The transparent polycarbonate cover allows visual inspection of the worker roller unit without the need to remove plates, and the roller pressure can be changed with a simple adjustment of the compression spring.
In addition, the traction rollers are mounted on a tilting structure with a quick release for easy maintenance.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Product specifications

Electric specifications:

Power consumption: 0.4 kW
Single phase 230V 50/60Hz (customizable)

Size (length x width x height):

Can coiler D360: 880 mm x 580 mm x 1620 mm (35'' x 23'' x 64'')
Can coiler D500: 980 mm x 630 mm x 1720 mm (39'' x 25'' x 68'')

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