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Dehairing is a necessary step for obtaining a high quality yarn from fiber obtained from dual-coated animals, such as cashmere goat, camel, yak, and buffalo.
The dehairing machine separates the coarse fibers (primary coat) and guard hairs from the desired, fine fibers (secondary coat).

The dehairer works primarily by using centrifugal force, transferring the fine fibers between cylinders operating at different speeds while the heavier coarse fibers are preferentially ejected.

COMPACT DEHAIRER Fiber separator

Ramella has created a compact dehairer suitable for small production mills.

Fiber is fed from a conveyer into a 3-cylinder input unit that opens the fibers as they are passed onto the first separation cylinder.
In the central part the two high-speed cylinders separate the coarse hairs from the finer fibers.
At the machine exit a doffer roller and fly comb allow the collection of the desired fine fibers into a container.
In the lower part of the dehairer there is a second conveyer that collects all of the impurities and the guard hairs and deposits them in a waste collector at the front of the machine.


The Ramella dehairer has a pair of high-speed rotating cylinders that expel the heavier fibers by means of centrifugal force coupled with differential binding coefficients of the heavy and fine fibers with respect to the rigid card clothing covering the cylinders.

All of the fibers are automatically deposited into easily removable containers without the need for manual collection.
The desired fine fibers are collected at the rear of the machine, directed to the collection container by adjustable air hoses and a stainless steel chute, while the heavy fibers and guard hairs are diverted to a separate collection area under the feed conveyer.


The Ramella dehairer was designed specifically for small production mills that often process many different types of fiber.
During our tests, we have successfully dehaired cashmere, alpaca, buffalo, llama, yak, and qiviut.

The number of passes required to produce an optimal product are dependent on the type of fiber being dehaired.
Besides fiber separation, the dehairer also opens the fiber and removes dust and vegetable matter.


The dehairer is driven by 4 independent motors that are electronically controlled by inverters.
With the simple twist of a dial, the user can easily change the relative speeds of the cylinders depending on the type of fiber being dehaired.

The electronic controllers are contained in a panel with filtered ventilation to protect the sensitive electronic parts.
Control knobs on the exterior of the panel allow the user to easily change the motor speeds, which are indicated on large displays.
Button panels located on both sides of the dehairer allow simple starting and stopping of the machine at both the entry and the exit.


For maximum safety, our dehairer is fully enclosed by an external frame made of anodized aluminum, which is lightweight, yet sturdy, and resists corrosion.

Within the frame, 6 protective panels, available in either heavy-gauge, galvanized steel mesh or transparent polycarbonate, can be easily removed with the appropriate key to allow machine maintenance.
Both panel types protect the worker while allowing a wide view and the complete control of the dehairer during the process.

HIGH-SPEED FLY COMB High speed comb

The dehairer is equipped with a high-speed fly comb that removes the fibers from the doffer roller.
The structure of the fly comb is balanced so as to reduce vibrations and minimize wear of the bearings.

The lever control allows easy adjustment and quick maintenance of the blade.
The fly comb is mounted on oscillating bearings with seals that can be easily lubricated, with 4 screws to allow accurate positioning with respect to the distance from doffer cylinder.
The fly comb blade connectors are covered with a smooth tin plate that eliminates rough surfaces where fiber could catch.


As previously noted the dehairing process shares some aspects to the carding process.
Building on our extensive experience in carding machines, the Ramella dehairer has been designed with similar quality characteristics:

An extremely solid and stable structure, made to last.
The components are machined for maximum precision and quality.
The cylinders are driven independently by 4 motors with electronic speed control.
The rigid card clothing is durable and allows quick cleaning after each run.
All cylinders are mounted on sealed ball bearings without bushings.
A modern design specifically created to meet the needs of small production mills and laboratories.


As with the carder, the solid steel structure and the precision of the mechanical parts are critical factors in determining the quality of the dehairer machine.

The Ramella dehairer is characterized by a 4 cm (1.6'') thick, fully machined steel frame connected by solid steel crossbeams. This structure is approximately 10 times stronger than one formed from welded tubes.
Furthermore, all of the rotating parts are precisely machined and are equipped with micro adjustment, which permits exact roller positioning at micron distances, but more importantly, once the positioning is set, it does not move, resulting in both a consistent, high quality product and longer machine life.

Built to last, all surfaces are painted or chemically treated to resist corrosion.


Every single detail of the Ramella dehairer has been designed using modern 3D CAD.
All of the components have been designed to obtain a high-performance machine with an excellent quality/price ratio.
Even the electric panel has been designed in order to make the use of the dehairer simple and intuitive.

We use CNC lathes, milling machines and modern laser cutters in the production of the dehairer components that we make in-house.
The steel used is of premium quality and all of the commercial components come from suppliers with well-known brands.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Product specifications

Electric specifications:

Power consumption: 4.0 kW
Single phase 230V 50/60Hz (customizable)

Size (length x width x height):

3370 mm x 1700 mm x 2000 mm (133'' x 67'' x 79'')

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